Monday, April 25, 2011

Fabulous Sewing Cabinet Find

I found this sewing cabinet in the back of a garage sale (it was complete when I found it and I dismantled it before I thought to snap a pic). Imagine my complete surprise to see a $10 price ticket on it! I didn't even open it before I bought it.  When I got it home I realized that it had a sewing machine inside. So I took it all apart and it is in OK condition. The decals on the machine are faded on the front but are pretty clear and bright on the back.  Some of the drawers are missing their decorations but they are not broken and the frames are intact.  The top veneer is popping up so it will not be good to refinish.  But the iron base is in fantastic shape with the treadle still working. 
As far as I can research "new companion" was a magazine and these machines were given away as prizes for selling subscriptions to the magazine.

The drawers are missing some of their pull details.

The top is in pretty rough shape.

The decals on the back of the machine are still pretty bright. But the front is faded. The rest of it is pretty rusty. I cleaned it up -- not too much because I like the vintage look of the whole. I kept the machine in the wooden base and the metal pan underneath so that it has a base to sit on.  I reattached the leather on the wheel.  Then I rubbed some paste wax over the whole of it. The wax cleaned up the machine and brought out the remaining detail while giving it a little polish.  I thought I would make a lamp base out of it.

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