Thursday, May 12, 2011

Melange Vintage

I collect vintage parts -- still useable and have life left in them as something other than their original purpose. These candles are a melange of different "parts".  The beautiful glass globes came from a lamp that needed to be rewired and onto which I put some fabric lampshades. The globes were in my closet that I keep all my candles in and I originally thought they might fit into some vintage glass candlesticks but did not. The wood turnings were from a different project and they were not very stable as candlesticks so I cut some scrap lumber to add to the bottom of the turnings. Then we (my husband is my collaborator) cut a groove in the top of the turning to insert the glass globe and because I didn't want them to fall out and break I used my trusty E-6000 glue to permanently attach the glass.  The wood was painted my favorite shade of black. I have been playing around with fabric and making rosettes and since I am nuts about burlap right now I added burlap "ribbon" to the rosette. The result is elegant and very inexpensive. I cannot even say exactly how much the whole candle cost but probably not more than $10.00.

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