Tuesday, May 17, 2011

These last few days in the garden have been busy! Moving, dividing, removing, repositioning, pruning, etc.  I've also been filling pots and window boxes with new annuals for early color. Thought I would share a few lovely pictures.

This section of the garden is right next to the hose and all the other more utilitarian things needed in the garden -- the ubiquitous "side yard" that seems to get neglected. It needed a little something and I came across these two chinese style pots that never get used because they don't have drainage holes in the bottom. I also had the bottom of an old fountain that never seemed to work right. It is a copper bowl with an inner portion and the outer rim. So, I pulled out an old water pump, some decorative rocks and voila! an instant fountain that gives the little spot just the right ambience. And no $$ were spent here!

This is one of my prized possessions and I take it inside during the winter and pull it out in the spring. My father made this bird house and I brought it with me when I moved. It is the only one I have left as all the others have broken or rotted into pieces.  Last year it was occupied by some nesting nuthatches. It hangs with the potted geranium in the branches of our dying smoke tree that I won't let my husband cut down because it is just so handy for this purpose.

A table scape I created out of an iron "nest" piece I picked up at a yard sale, a plate onto which I layed some moss from the garden and a concrete cardinal. I added some flowers for the picture. It serves a purpose -- covering the umbrella hole in the table.

This beautiful lady was created years ago by my mother. She is plaster and I carted her all the way from California. She occupies my "blue" garden, so named because it is inhabited by her and all the flowers in the space are blue.  Every year I spray her a couple of time with a water sealer so that she will continue to stand. She's weathered just great and really looks like an old sculpture!

A blue pot from the "blue" garden filled with blue and white flowers.
Part of the limestone rock wall with its spring covering of violets and other foliage.  The delphiniums will be showing their blue flowers in a couple of months.
The juniper that is draping itself quite nicely over the limestone wall. We put in 80 ton of limestone to terrace the gardens.

This is one of the last blooms on the magnolia. She was spectacular this year and sits next to a yellow forsythia bush. The two compliment each other and create really spectacular show of blossoms.

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